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Birthdate:Nov 21, 1987
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Website:Sockable Face Club


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"take off your paaaaaaaants!", adrian edmondson, american gods, apollo, augusten burroughs, barnyard ballers, batmobile, being stark'd, blue beetle, booster gold, bottom, cable & deadpool, calabrese, cassandra peterson, cherry poppin' daddies, classic hearses, comic books, conan o'brien, cortex, coveting things that aren't mine, creature feature, crusin' for a brusin', danny elfman, deadbolt, deadpool, deadpool was a single mom, demented are go, denis leary, depeche mode, devo, doodling genetailia in public, drawing, drinking more than humanly possible, drop dead fred, dry, einst├╝rzende neubauten, fabian nicieza, forbidden zone, frank einstein, frantic flintstones, fringe, fur, furniture, g-men from hell, garth ennis, gene vincent & the blue caps, gimmie gimmie gimmie a man after midnight, going out for walkies, good omens, guana batz, guy gardner, happy accidents, harold & maude, hating batman with a passion, hawksmoor, hot fuzz, interesting times, invincible iron man, jack (weasel) hammer iii, janis martin, jawin' on about comic books, jay baruchel, jenny sparks, joe lombard, joel mchale, john constantine: hellblazer, joking about your junk, justice league international, king kurt, king of the hill, kiss kiss bang bang, klaus nomi, law & order: criminal intent, leningrad sandwich, little children, long tall texans, love and rockets, mad sin, madman, married with children, matt frewer, matt hole & the hot rod gang, mc chris, midnighter, midnighter's love of hitting things, mike allred, mindless self indulgence, music, neil gaiman, nick cave, nim vind, oingo boingo, patrick wilson, pete shelley, playing guitar, polecats, preacher, pretending i'm not weird, quakes, raconteurs, red rocket 7, reverend horton heat, reverend organdrum, rezurex, rik mayall, robert downey jr, robert sean leonard, robert the naturalist, runnin' d-trains on kovacs, secretary, shock treatment, shriekback, simon pegg, singing only slightly off key, space cadets, squidbillies, stephen king, susan tyrell, synthesia, taco padding, terry pratchett, the atomic fireballs, the atomics, the authority, the bloodhound gang, the brickbats, the chop tops, the cramps, the damned, the flametrick subs, the hangmen, the internets, the meteors, the paladins, the phenomenauts, the shawshank redemption, the singing detective, the sisters of mercy, the stand, the the, the thirteenth floor, the whole wide world, the young ones, tropic thunder, vincent d'onofrio, warren ellis, watchmen, weasel is a babe, writing, zyx
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